Windows Photo Viewer unable to display animated GIFs? A solution.

XP Picture and Fax Viewer (For animated GIFs on Win 7+)


Bringing animated GIF support to Windows 7+

Above is the installer to provide Animated GIF support to Windows 7+ (and Windows 8 / 8.1 – confirmed 2014-01-14) by installing the old Windows XP Picture and Fax Viewer. It has been compressed with 7-Zip to save on storage space and bandwidth.

CRC Hashes (for downloaders such as DownThemAll):

  • MD5: c5ae69f05dbd15af46dbdc06714e01b8
  • SHA1: 3fefd510cb403594eb5e5adce27aa6d2dbcb94bf
  • SHA256: 8d924d8324c11f848412ef0397a520c9339a5050a66857d6baac84c85212e22c
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